To assist singles in viewing their needs as opportunities that can be faced and met successfully in Christ. We are to be a model of the way Christians ought to treat each other; by helping persons come together, befriend, trust, and love each other as god loves us......Unconditionally!


  • To provide spiritual growth for single adult in specialized environments such as singles' Bible study, study groups, workshops, seminars and retreats
  • To affirm the singles' lifestyle as a legitimate way of living, rather than wearing it as a badge of shame
  • To provide an avenue for the church to become more sensitive to the needs of single adult
  • To establish a strong system of networking for single adults
  • To provide a context for forming healthy, positive relationships with the opposite sex
  • To empower singles to deal realistically and compassionately with their calling as Adventists
  • To provide avenues for community service outreach for single adult

Does Every Church "Really "Need A Singles Ministry? YES!!!

The purpose of an active Singles Ministry is to meet the unique spiritual and social challenges of those that have NEVER married, are divorced, have lost a spouse, or may a single parent by providing:

Support/network/connectivity (retention). Opportunities to serve the church, or to (minister). And most importantly, events that can serve as a tool to (witness). Matthew 28:18-20

I would like to stress that the purpose of this ministry is NOT: A matchmaking venue, providing dating opportunities, or finding a spouse. However, dating and marriage has occurred as a result of meeting, socializing, and communicating with others.

Singles comprise roughly 50% of the US population, but are slipping away from the Adventist church. Some find themselves disconnected, because they are newly divorced or widowed, and they don't know where they fit in anymore in the fabric of the church.

Simply put, think of all the needs that a spouse can fulfill for someone who is married. Who meets those needs for singles? Often no one; and some simply give up, isolating themselves, not knowing what else to do before slipping away.

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